Lymph Drainage

About this course:
The lymphatic system pulls excess fluid, waste products, proteins and pathogens from around the cells. This system plays an important part of  the immune system by by producing lymphocytes, filtering pathogens through the lymph nodes. Lymph drainage is a technique that is specific to the lymphatic system.  This is an effective  technique used to decrease swelling in the body, reduce headaches and decrease many types of pain. This course covers principles and practices of lymph drainage techniques. The course will teach gentle and rhythmic techniques following the lymphatic rhythm.  

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Course Highlights

  • Receive 14-hours of continuing education

  • The anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system will be discussed in great detail

  • Lymph drainage techniques for different areas of the body are shown

  • Learn to palpate the lymph rhythm

  • Discuss benefits, indications and contraindications for lymph drainage

  • Edema and lymphedema and their possible causes are discussed